UPDATE: Paseo Del Norte Road Rage Homicide Has No Charges Pending

BY: ABQ RAW staff

POSTED: 07/04/2023 @ 9:00AM

A homicide detective carries a gun away from the scene of a deadly road rage incident in an evidence bag.

NW Albuquerque

On July 3rd, 2023, westbound traffic on Paseo Del Norte and near the intersection of Eagle Ranch was put at a stand still as Albuquerque Police Department conducted a homicide investigation after a road rage incident.

When we arrived on scene, one of our reporters observed that a male individual was dead underneath a white Tesla. The other vehicle involved appeared to be a black Lexus sedan. Witnesses on scene said this was no critical injury crash as reported by APD’s Gilbert Gallegos and instead was a homicide by vehicle. Witnesses on scene said they saw some kind of dispute between the two drivers in the intersection and both exited their vehicles. According to witnesses, the man in the black Lexus at one point brandished a firearm. At some point the man in the white Tesla got back into his car and ran over the armed man.

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Witnesses told us a young man in yellow shorts did pull a gun on the Tesla driver as he got out of his car. The Tesla driver reported he acted in self defense as his family was in the car with him. Initially, APD detectives took the Tesla driver into custody. We have learned the driver was NOT booked into Bernalillo County Detention Center for using his vehicle against the fellow road rager.

APD officers speak with the driver of the white Tesla during it’s investigation of the homicide investigation.

APD investigating today’s death on West Side as possible justifiable homicide,” said APD’s civilian spokesman Gilbert Gallegos in an email.

The District Attorney’s office and APD will review the case and file charges if they feel a criminal act was committed during this road rage incident.


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