APD Recovers Stolen Box Truck in NE Albuquerque

Albuquerque –

Around noon, the Albuquerque Police Department received a call from the owner of a box truck indicating that it had been stolen and he had located it near the 5000 block of Holly Avenue NE. Dispatch sent officers to the man’s location and confirmed that the box truck was indeed stolen and that there might be a man inside the vehicle.

APD set up a perimeter around the truck due to the possibility of someone being inside. APD made public address announcements for the person to surrender. A drone was dispatched to the location, and it appeared that no one was inside the truck.

APD officers approached the vehicle, determined there was no one inside, and returned the truck to the owner. It is unclear if anything was taken from the truck or if there was any damage to it. Crime scene specialists came to the scene to gather any evidence against a possible suspect.


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