Shirtless Felon Tries to Escape the Heat, Gets Arrested by APD

Albuquerque –

Today while looking for city mayhem we saw an interesting sign on some private property and a vehicle window sticker proudly displayed. Watch the video for the interesting signs we discovered. At one point we heard about a wanted felon being pursued on foot by Southwest command officers and he was actively trying to evade officers in Southwest Albuquerque.

Around 1 PM, the Albuquerque Police Department observed a wanted felon walking near Central Ave. and 59th NW. The individual noticed police were trying to locate him and he began to run down various streets near 59th Street and Avalon NW.

The desperate man eventually jumped into a backyard near the 300 block of Estancia Dr. NW, but the police were able to observe his movements and they quickly established a tight perimeter to capture him. Unfortunately for this habitual evader of past capture APD’s air support was in the air on this day and they were able to call out an accurate location of the felon jumping from yard to yard.

After about 40 minutes, the man realized his chances of escaping and enjoying another day of freedom were now over. He had one last smoke of an unknown type paraphernalia in a backyard and finally exited onto Estancia St NW. The shirtless man with a fresh buzz cut peacefully surrendered to APD officers and he will be booked into MDC for his outstanding warrants.

We will update the story when we know the name of this man and what kind of warrants he was wanted for.


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