APD Tactical Plan Cleans Up Central Corridor in War Zone

Albuquerque –

Today, we saw lots of Albuquerque Police units patrolling up and down Central Ave. along the War Zone corridor. We began observing the heavy police activity and immediately observed a pink haired woman with a hoodie being detained by officers. The woman apparently had felony warrants and was found lurking near the Central and Louisiana ART bus stop. As she was being questioned by police, a busy clean up crew could be seen sweeping up trash, used needles, human fecal matter, and other unmentionable waste into their dust pans.

While we were filming at that location, an APD officer radioed in that he saw a suspect from an aggravated battery case near the abandoned CVS store. Officers called out a clothing description and APD units saturated the area and found the suspect on the 150 block of Alcazar NE. The suspect was located but only in his boxers.

The suspect was apparently trying to rapidly change his clothing to avoid being spotted by APD.

A few minutes later a shots fired call came out at the 410 block of Alcazar SE with a victim possibly shot in the head. When we arrived on scene APD was securing the area and located the possible victim. The male victim ran up to an APD bomb unit officer who appeared to be part of the operation. The man began rambling non-sense to the patient officers. Dried blood could be seen streaming down the alleged victims head.

APD’s PRT and uniformed officers swiftly locked the area down and tried to locate a suspect. They were not able to locate a suspect due to victim making up the story and having some sort of a mental health episode.

We can only assume APD officials will release official statistics for this saturation operation at a later date.


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