APD Updates Public on Police Shooting of Car Thief


June 20, 2024, 3:23 pm

Albuquerque – Today at around 9:00AM, Albuquerque Police Departments southwest command officers  observed an occupied embezzled SUV. Officers tried to stop it but it fled and drove like a maniac so police immediately disengaged their pursuit. Air support was overhead and entered the chat and they were able to safely pursue and call out the vehicle location to ground officers. 

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Officers with the support of air support followed the SUV to the front of the El Mesquite grocery story at 98th and Central. This is where a male and female exited the SUV and abandoned it then immediately stole a pickup that was in the Mesquite parking lot.  Once again officers and air support safely followed the pickup until it decided to go off roading near I-40 and 98th on the south east corner.  The occupants got out of the truck and barricaded themselves inside a tunnel that ran parallel to I-40 on the south side.


“We both believe they have outstanding felony warrants and the male is likely on probation,” said Deputy Police Chief Cecily Barker of the two people involved in the shooting.

APD’s SWAT team was called out around 9:35 AM. Just before 10AM the event escalated into an officer-involved shooting (OIS). The car thief who was shot has died on scene. The female has surrendered to police and is in their custody.

All officers are thankfully okay. This will be a multi-jurisdiction investigation and in a few months APD will hold a press conference outlying the sequence of events.


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