Fire Destroys Home In SE ABQ


June 20, 2024, 7:07 pm ,

Albuquerque – A fire at the corner of Dakota and Trumbull SE totally destroyed a home this afternoon. AFR Fire Lt Jason Fejer told us that crews became aware of a fire today just after 3:30PM. Crews battled the fire for several minutes but were unable to save the home.

It is unknown if anyone will actually be rehomed due to the fire since the owners live out of town. The owners were apparently preparing to evict a family member who refused to leave the property and they wanted to sell the home. We heard family members on scene angry with the family member who allegedly intentionally lit the fire at the home because he didn’t want to be evicted from it. A family member could be heard expressing anger towards the Albuquerque Police Department because the family had called earlier today trying to get the family squatter kicked out of the home but APD refused to dispatch the call.


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