Couple Can’t Keep Story Straight Claim Stolen Car Was Bought from Facebook Marketplace


December 3, 2023, 8:30 pm


POSTED: 12/3/2023 @ 9:30AM

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Albuquerque –

On December 2nd, 2023, the Albuquerque Police Department was patrolling in the War Zone when they observed a stolen vehicle.

According to a criminal complaint, a sergeant from APD tried to pull over the vehicle and the vehicle immediately fled from the sergeant. The sergeant did not give chase, but APD had it’s helicopter up and they followed the vehicle throughout Albuquerque. 25-year-old Shawntel Anzures and 34-year-old Derrick Montoya of Albuquerque were identified as the occupants of the vehicle. They drove the vehicle to their house at 2735 Val Verde Place SW and entered their home. APD surrounded the house and started making public address announcements for them to come out. The couple came out of the house and peacefully surrendered to APD. Once in custody Anzures told APD that she bought the vehicle from Facebook Marketplace for $5,000 and was making monthly payments. A title or payment agreement could not be produced.

Montoya exited the house peacefully and when asked by police about the vehicle he told them he bought the car from a friend for $1,000 contradicting his girlfriend’s story.

Montoya and Anzures were both booked on receiving and transferring a stolen vehicle, aggravated fleeing from law enforcement, and tampering with evidence.


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