Disgusting So Called “Grandpa” Held Till Trial


August 25, 2023, 6:23 pm

Albuquerque –

On August 18th, 2023, in Albuquerque’s International War Zone District, Albuquerque Police Department detectives attempted to arrest Richard Abeyta, 65, of Albuquerque,who was wanted for human trafficking, criminal sexual penetration, criminal sexual contact of a minor and false imprisonment.

Officers conducted a near 3 hour standoff, in which the SWAT team could be heard making public address announcements and urging Abeyta for a peaceful surrender. Abeyta finally exited the home in a very disheveled looking mess wearing a tank top, grey shorts, and coke bottle eyeglasses. The SWAT team peacefully took Abeyta into custody.

Abeyta is accused of abusing his 7-year-old step-granddaughter, as well as being accused of commercial sex trafficking. The sex trafficking charge stems from him being accused of selling the 7-year-old girl on Facebook Live for sex acts to other men.

The Bernalillo County District Attorney’s office put together a motion to keep Abeyta behind bars until trial. Judge Daniel Murphy agreed with the petition and Abeyta will remain behind bars till his trial.


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