Felon Tries to Escape But Is Apprehended After Tripping in Street


November 21, 2023, 1:17 am ,

BY ABQ RAW staff

POSTED 11/20/2023 @ 7:15PM

Downtown Albuquerque-

On November 16, 2023, a dramatic chase unfolded in Albuquerque when Juan Carlos Candelario, a remanded individual, made a daring escape attempt from custody. The incident occurred around 4:00 PM at the Public Security Center (PSC) located at 401 Roma Ave NW, causing a stir and drawing law enforcement into a pursuit.

Security personnel, working on the PSC’s 1st floor, were alerted to a remand order concerning Juan Carlos Candelario. A Probation Officer presented the order signed by Judge Baca-Miller, indicating that Candelario was not to be released from jail. Upon making contact with Candelario, security initiated the procedure to re-detain him, placing him in handcuffs as mandated by the order.

However, events took an unexpected turn when, during the paperwork process on the 6th floor, Candelario fled. Seizing the opportunity, he sprinted out of the building as a staff member walked through the PTC doors, sparking a frantic chase.

Security personnel engaged in pursuit as Candelario dashed westward along Roma Ave, navigating through traffic on 5th St NW. In a desperate attempt to escape, he maneuvered through oncoming vehicles before losing his footing and falling onto the street. The mug shot indicates his face took the brunt of the his fall while he tried to obtain freedom.

Law enforcement quickly regained custody and ensured Candelario’s safety, calling for medical assistance from Albuquerque Fire and Rescue (AFR).

The dramatic chase and subsequent capture brought a temporary halt to traffic and ended with Candelario back in custody, pending further legal proceedings. Cadelario has an extensive felony record ranging from stalking to taking motor vehicles.


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