Man Charged with Murder in Seeking Revenge of Car Burglary


August 11, 2023, 9:44 pm

BY ABQ RAW staff

POSTED 08/11/2023 @ 3:50PM

Angelo Barrela, of Santa Fe, New Mexico, is charged with murder

Albuquerque –

On June 25, 2023, the streets of Albuquerque became the backdrop to a tragic shooting that claimed the life of Demetrius O’Neill. The case, which initially seemed to be shrouded in mystery, has now taken a startling turn with emerging details on the events that led to the fatal encounter. Albuquerque Police Department arrested the murder suspect on August 10th, 2023.

The June 25th, 2023 shooting that claimed the life of O’Neil.

ABQ RAW was on scene, we observed a red sedan that had bullet holes on the driver side. Just outside of the vehicle was one of the victim’s shoes. It is unclear where the shooting originated, but the victim’s car was stopped in the south right hand lane of Coors Blvd. The car’s windshield wipers kept going back and forth while APD investigators gathered evidence from the scene. The Speedway had classical music playing loudly over the public address system easing tensions.

According to the criminal complaint, the victim was identified as Demetrius O’Neill. Oneil’s life took a fateful turn when he crossed paths with Angelo Barrela, a man who harbored deep-seated resentment after O’Neil allegedly burglarized his vehicle. Barrela”s black Cadillac Escalade was broken into, and a black Glock 30 handgun, along with Barrela’s driver’s license, was stolen. This theft ignited a chain of events that ultimately led to the shooting.

O’Neil and his girlfriend found themselves being pursued by Barela and an accomplice in two separate vehicles. The girlfriend vividly described the scene, recounting how the silver sedan driven by Barrela relentlessly pursued them through the streets of Albuquerque.

Desperate to escape, O’Neil made a series of turns in an attempt to evade his pursuers, but his efforts were in vain. The situation escalated when Barrela, brandishing a handgun, opened fire on the vehicle. The complaint goes on to say, O’Neil was struck in the head by a gunshot, leaving him unconscious. His girlfriend managed to regain control of the vehicle and stop the car.

Barrela’s digital footprint further unraveled the story. A warrant found his Facebook activity revealed posts and conversations that hinted at his intent to seek retribution against O’Neil for the theft. Barrela’s interactions with others on social media revealed his desire to locate O’Neil and avenge the burglary.

A few messages sent by Barrela:

Lyrikk: “Who is that g whats up?”

Angelo: “Nah he’s a bitch he broke into my whip”

Lyrikk: “Yea rite fuck that g little pussy I can’t stand thieves”

Angelo: “IK I can’t wait to catch him”

J\krino: ”\\’hats up w11h thai fool you posted’>’.

Angelo: “He broke into my whip”

Merino: “The c~co”

Angelo: “Ya broke both front windows took my strap and my Versace srnfl1.! When I catch him hes

gonna wish he didn’t serio”

Merino: “How did you find out it was him?”

Angelo: “Camera at my work”

Merino: “Bum ass Mf hope you catch that MF”

Angelo: “IK me too brother me too can ‘t wait I drove around looking for him but nada”

O’Neil died at the University of New Mexico Hospital on July 7th, 2023 from the gunshot wounds he sustained by Barrela. Barrela is charged with first degree murder, aggravated assault (deadly weapon) and shooting from a motor vehicle. O’Neil’s murder counts as the 94th in 2023 in Albuquerque.


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