Military Jet Crashes in Albuquerque, 1 Pilot Ejects

Albuquerque –

We are currently at the site of a military jet crash that just happened near University and Rio Bravo. Numerous post on social media indicate that the jet was an F-35.

Reports indicate that the pilot ejected before the crash and is now being transported to a nearby hospital. We presently do not know the pilot’s condition.

This is an unfolding situation, and we will provide updates as more information becomes available.

We have learned that this crash actually occurred just off of the airfield on the southside of the Sunport.

The ABQ Sunport media team issued a bulletin stating “One soul aboard, pilot is conscious and being transported.”

For those traveling at the Sunport today, flights are operating again, but double-check your specific flight status with your airline.

An f35 crashed on takeoff at albuquerque international
byu/fishiestfillet inaviation


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