Pre Dawn Raid Nets 3 Arrests and a Bunch of Drugs, Guns, & Property are Seized by FBI


February 2, 2023, 9:07 pm

By: ABQ RAW staff

POSTED: 2/2/2023 at 1:15PM

SW Albuquerque – According to witnesses, the 1700 block of Coors Blvd. SW was awoken to loud bangs and a large police presences in the early morning hours. As the sun rose over Albuquerque, the FBI announced that 3 suspects were in custody and 5 search warrant locations were served.

The 1720 Coors Blvd. SW location was the back drop to a press conference for the media to see the aftermath of the operation. FBI, New Mexico State Police, and other law enforcement entities were processing the scene for evidence. On the property it could be seen many vehicles with no license plates, some travel trailers behind a fence, and a small home that appeared to be the focus of the investigation.

“Usually, when you see this many vehicles for our law enforcement, you would expect some sort of parade. But to me, this is the best show on earth because this is law enforcement doing what the American people want us to see, which is keeping our streets safe,” said FBI Special Agent in Charge of the Albuquerque Office, Raul Bujanda.

video of the aftermath of the post raid scene

A neighbor told us that very early this morning he heard very loud booms while he was in his bed. He went on to say his dogs started to bark at the noise. He stayed in bed anyways and from his front porch later he saw that there was a massive police presence.

“I would see lots of cars coming and going in the property, but they were pretty quiet,” said the neighbor on the residence that was raided by him.

SAIC FBI Agent Bujanda indicted these raids were connected to a September 2022 raid that netted over 6 million dollars worth of property and cash. Here is our original story: 2022 Raid Story.

The federal court documents to the 2023 case have not been unsealed and the 3 suspects taken into custody have not been identified. We will do a story once those documents and suspect information is available.


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