So Called Man, Drops Baby and Strangles Girlfriend on the 4th


July 5, 2024, 2:06 pm

Albuquerque –

On July 4th, 2024, a call came into the Albuquerque Police Department about a domestic incident involving a boyfriend and girlfriend with a baby involved near the 400 block of Mesilla St. SE. The caller stated 23-year-old Cain Hardy had become violent towards her and her baby.

The female victim went to a different location and met with officers. The calling victim stated she heard her baby crying in the other room. She then heard a loud bang which sounded like her baby being dropped to the floor. The victim said Hardy told her “He’s moving around too much…He’s doing too much.” meaning the baby.

23-year-old Cain Hardy is taken into custody by APD officers

An argument started between the couple over the dropping of the baby and it enraged Hardy to the point he began to strangle his girlfriend.

When officers arrived at the residence, Hardy decided not to face his consequences like a man and decided escape out the back door. APD officers took him to the ground and tried to detain him. During the detainment, Hardy became extremely violent head butting, kicking, and battering three officers. They eventually got him into custody and because of the investigation a crime scene specialist had to come out for photos.

While the crime scene specialist was photographing Hardy, he decided to hawk tuah her in the criminal way racking up another battery charge.

It is unclear if Hardy will be investigated by CYFD for the alleged dropping of the baby and face more criminal charges.

Hardy racked up aggravated battery on a household member, 4 charges of battery on a peace officer, and resisting/evading an officer, and assault.


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7 thoughts on “So Called Man, Drops Baby and Strangles Girlfriend on the 4th”
  1. Thanks ABQ Raw for keeping it real! You tell it like it is. No sugar coating here. Hope the “justice system” (or whatever you want to call it) puts this clown away for a long time, lol.

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