Around 12:30 PM on April 7, 2024, officers from the Albuquerque Police Department were dispatched to Dunes Ct and Dunes Rd to an apartment complex in the vicinity. Reportedly, an individual was first dropped off at a local area hospital where they died. The victim was purportedly stabbed. APD officers were then sent to this location, 12805 Dorado Dr. S.E., to investigated if the stabbing occurred here.

This has been deemed a violent crimes call-out, and being investigated as a homicide.

We have a reporter at the scene to gather more information. We will update you as we learn more.

One of our reporters was actually covering the secondary scene, which was at the hospital, when they saw three suspects being taken into custody by APD. They observed a vehicle surrounded by APD units, with the vehicle’s doors open.

This is the fifth homicide in the Albuquerque metro area since April 1, 2024, and the third homicide in 24 hours.


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