Dangerous Gun Toting Teen Murderer To Remain Behind Bars


August 4, 2023, 9:37 pm , , ,

BY: ABQRAW staff

POSTED: 08/04/2023 @ 3:30PM


Earlier this afternoon numerous family and friends of murder victim Sydney Wilson attended a virtual criminal arraignment and custody hearing of teen murderer Marcos Barela, 13, of Albuquerque. The hearing lasted just under 12 and half minutes in the virtual chambers of Judge William Parnall.

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video of the hearing here:

As I’ve said before, there are too many kids with too many guns and it goes without saying that this is the most serious, disturbing case we can deal with as young people with guns shooting each other or shooting innocent people that are not even involved in any kind of criminal activity. So I’m not going to entertain release at this time,” said Judge Parnall early in the hearing.

Wilson’s family, friends, and court observers did not get to see the face of the alleged killer in the virtual hearing. Barela’s charges were read back by Judge Parnall and asked if he understood the charges.

“Yes, sir,” said Barela

During the hearing, Crystal Wilson, the sister of Sydney, was on camera, seen crying, and was given a moment to speak to the court.

He took such a precious soul and she was our sunshine in a human form. And she was such an inspiration to this whole world. And, all she ever wanted to do was help troubled children. So, I do feel that he’s a danger not just to himself, but this community. And we do not want him released,” said Wilson.

Judge Parnall took all the testimony into consideration and ruled that Barela should not be released from custody. It was also revealed that Barela had an incident in 2018 in the juvenile court system, and since he is a juvenile, those records are sealed. ABQRAW does not know the severity of the situation Barela was previously in during 2018.

District Attorney Sam Bregman agreed with Judge Parnall’s decision saying.

“I’m relieved this juvenile will be detained because of the dangerousness of juveniles with guns,” said Bernalillo County District Attorney Sam Bregman.

“Juveniles with guns are out of control and we’re going to do everything we can to hold these teens accountable to ensure the safety of the community,” Bregman said.

Chief Medina talking about this case earlier today.


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