Gun Toting Drunk Batters Police and Fire Personnel in Downtown Melt Down

Albuquerque –

In a scary incident over the weekend, Albuquerque police apprehended an armed suspect in the Downtown Public Safety District. The suspect, later identified as Nathaniel Munguia, 21, of Albuquerque was seen brandishing a long gun concealed in his pants by Albuquerque Fire Rescue (AFR) personnel. This prompted an urgent response from law enforcement.

The drama unfolded near the parking lot at 3rd and Central. This is where an APD sergeant received a phone call from his lieutenant relaying the AFR’s sighting. AFR personnel said they saw a male suspect in a purple hoodie and basketball jersey. The suspect threw a vape at the direction of AFR personnel which originally got their attention. Officers quickly responded to the scene and spotted Munguia matching the description.

Upon identifying themselves as police officers, Munguia immediately fled the area on foot. The officers pursued, leading to use force to take him into custody. During the struggle, Munguia attempted to manipulate a long-barrel rifle tucked into his waistband. In the ensuing chaos, he struck an officer with his elbow causing injuries. The injuries included, breaking the officers eye glasses, chipping a tooth, and caused facial bruising.

Despite the assault, the officer managed to secure the firearm, which was found with its safety disengaged ready to go shooting.

Munguia remained combative and refused to comply with officers’ commands, exhibiting slurred speech and the odor of alcohol. He was eventually subdued, placed in double-locked handcuffs, and escorted to a patrol unit. After being read his Miranda rights, Munguia chose to remain silent.

Medical personnel were called to evaluate Munguia, who was confirmed by AFR Ladder 1 personnel as being the individual who had previously thrown a vaping device at them. AFR personnel said the forceful throwing of the vape device at them caused them to duck for cover to avoid being hit.

Munguia now faces multiple charges, including assault on a police officer, resisting arrest, and weapons violations. He could face federal charges since he was carrying a gun in Mayor Keller and APD Chief Harold Medina’s self designated “school zone”.

The City posted signs throughout Downtown last year to let people know they are in a school zone and that strict federal firearms restrictions apply.

If convicted of violating gun-free school zone laws, you could face up to five years in prison and a maximum fine of $5,000. To date, and our research, not a single APD case has been adopted by the federal government for prosecution under this order. More than likely the only charges Mungia will actually face are the lenient state charges.


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4 thoughts on “Gun Toting Drunk Batters Police and Fire Personnel in Downtown Melt Down”
  1. The law sounds like overreach to be honest. This reminds me when Mayor Chavez tried to declare all of downtown a smoke free zone. His rationale was that downtown was where a large concentration of people working there, made the entire core a smoke free zone under the ordinance they passed about no smoking in buildings or inside places of employment,

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