Mayor Keller Strips Business License of Knockout’s Gentlemen’s Club


January 4, 2024, 2:44 am

By: ABQRAW staff

Posted: 01/03/2024 @ 3:50 PM

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Downtown Albuquerque –

Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller held a press conference in front of Knockout’s, a long time strip club, in downtown Albuquerque. The backdrop of the press conference has been the focus of many felony crimes over the years. While the press conference was happening we could still hear the music playing inside the club.

To improve safety downtown, Mayor Tim Keller and other city leaders took actions against Knockouts night club. The City’s Code Enforcement Division suspended Knockouts’ business license after finding violations during a recent inspection. The nightclub has a history of involvement in illegal activities, leading to numerous criminal incidents on Central Avenue.

Mayor Tim Keller stated, “We won’t accept a lack of concern for safety in our city. While we can’t close a private business, we’ll enforce our laws and do everything possible to make problematic places answer for their actions.”

APD homicide detectives investigate a December 2023 homicide in front of the strip club.

On December 22, Code Enforcement inspected Knockouts, revealing a failure to provide identification records for all adult cabaret entertainers, as required by Section 13-15-8 of the Sexually Oriented Business Ordinance. In response, the City issued an official notice, suspending Knockouts’ business license for 30 days starting January 8.

The City will be working with it’s legal team on the next steps to completely closing down this downtown business. We spoke with people from the club who were outside watching the press conference but they declined an interview with ABQ RAW.


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