Pair Believe they found a Stolen Truck and start Shooting at it, Recover Wrong Truck


August 2, 2023, 7:11 pm

BY: ABQ RAW staff

POSTED: 08/02/2023 @12:30PM

J Charles Cox, and Jeremy Jones of Albuquerque were arrested on trying to recover what they thought was their stolen truck.

Albuquerque, NM

On August 1st, 2023, Bernalillo County Deputies received multiple 911 calls from panicked people saying they saw gunfire and three cars traveling at a high rate of speed near a Chevron Gas Station in the South Valley. Callers said two of the vehicles fled from the scene.Deputies went to the location of one of the witnesses who informed police that he witnessed three vehicles drive into the Chevron Gas Station at the 7600 block of Isleta Blvd. The witnesses said they saw a white Crown Victoria vehicle and a red Ford pickup involved in the incident. The Ford pick up and an SUV fled the scene.

Deputies were able to identify the shooter as J Charles Cox, 34-year-old, of Albuquerque and his accomplice as 30-year-old Jeremy Jones. Cox spoke with deputies and said he thought they located a friend’s stolen vehicle.

The criminal complaint says, Cox attempted to block the truck in with his vehicle. He got his 9mm handgun and fired rounds toward the direction of what he thought was his friends stolen truck. Cox said he was unsure why he did that, and it was just a lot happening all at once. The complaint indicates the Ford truck had bullet holes through it and casings were also recovered from the scene.

At some point the un-named victim chose to just abandon his truck after getting shot at and asked a friend to come get him.

The victim in the Ford truck then called Sheriff dispatch and spoke with deputies at a different scene. He spoke Spanish and did not want to provide much detail about what happened and declined to provide his personal information. He told deputies that two vehicles were chasing him and a man in the Crown Victoria fired at him. The other vehicle (SUV) also followed him and also fired shots at his truck as he was trying to escape the second scene.

The victim had his truck returned by police and did not want to cooperate as a victim of anything. The victim could have been the victim of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon but declined to provide any identifying information. The truck was confirmed to be the victims, and not the stolen truck that was being sought after by the psychotic pair chasing and shooting at him. The only one charged reference this incident will be Cox for shooting at a house/dwelling/vehicle. Cox’s accomplice Jones was also booked but for an outstanding warrant from a previous case.


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