Suspects Identified in Yesterday’s SWAT Standoff Near UNM


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POSTED: 12/05/2023 @ 12:00PM

Travis Nordin and Willie Goodson

Albuquerque –

On December 4th, 2023, in the University of New Mexico area near Harvard and Silver Ave, there was a massive police presence involving the Albuquerque Police Department. The situation remained tense for a few hours as 34-year-old Travis Nordin of Albuquerque barricaded himself inside a home at 210 Harvard Drive SE. He was wanted for a parole violation, and authorities were seeking to take him into custody.

Nordin’s girlfriend was detained and released at the scene, which led her to stay and watch the scene unfold.

Nordin’s girlfriend was on scene, yelling and screaming at the police to not kill him, because he was a black man. She also was on the phone with Nordin during the situation as we watched on. She was urging him to peacefully give up.

Nordin eventually surrendered peacefully in the rear alley of the residence while holding his phone.

Goodson being taken into custody by APD

During the standoff, two other people were detained. One was 47-year-old Willie Goodson of Albuquerque, who had felony warrants for aggravated battery by means of strangulation. The other was Nordin’s girlfriend who was eventually released.

Travis Nordin has a lengthy police record dating back to 2011. Crimes include domestic violence and aggravated assaults with deadly weapons.

Nordin and Goodson will be held until they see the judge.


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