Today, Edward Duran entered a plea of no contest to 15 charges of First Degree Sexual Penetration, each involving incidents of Great Bodily Harm and Mental Anguish, affecting six individuals. Some of these offenses date back over three decades. Utilizing forensic genealogy testing, investigators and the Bernalillo County District Attorney’s Cold Case Rape Unit, also known as SAKI, linked Duran’s DNA to the crimes.

In each instance, Duran forcibly entered the victim’s residences, brandishing a knife, and committing acts of sexual assault. Duran did not know any of the victims.

During what was supposed to be a trial day, Duran paused proceedings and pleaded no contest to the crimes, just as one of his victims was scheduled to testify in court.

Duran could potentially face a maximum sentence of 270 years in the New Mexico Department of Corrections.

Bernalillo County District Attorney Sam Bregman said “We hope this brings some sense of closure and justice to these women who survived these horrific crimes that changed their lives forever.  I am so proud of our prosecutors who continue to get the job done.”

Senior Trial Attorney Jack Jacks emphasized the significance of the Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (SAKI) Unit. Jacks stated “the Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (SAKI) Unit is so important to this community. We’re now able to use genetic testing to fight for justice for these victims who will not be forgotten.”

Additionally, Prosecutor Lisa Trabaudo, who had retired, returned to aid in the prosecution of these cold cases, furthering the pursuit of justice for sexual assault survivors.

Entering a plea of no contest involves the defendant neither admitting nor contesting a charge, providing an alternative to pleading guilty or not guilty. While not formally acknowledging guilt, opting for a no-contest plea typically yields comparable immediate consequences to a guilty plea and is often part of plea bargains.


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