AFR Tackles Four Metro Area Fires in 18 Hours


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Albuquerque –

**Swift Action and Safety Protocols Guarantee Residents Well-Being at Senior Living Center**

Around 8:25 PM on September 29, 2023, Albuquerque Fire Rescue (AFR) and Bernalillo County Fire Department (BFFD) sprang into action when they were dispatched to a possible structure fire at a senior living center at 7107 Eubank NE.

Upon arrival, the fire crews encountered a faint smell of smoke but there were no visible signs of fire. Quick thinking and collaboration between residents and staff allowed everyone to safely shelter in place as the fire crews meticulously investigated.

Equipped with thermal imaging cameras, the responders located elevated heat readings in the attic space. Closer examination revealed a small area of charred wood and burnt insulation, originating from an accidental electrical issue. The fire crews acted swiftly to control the fire and mitigate the potential hazard, minimizing damage to the building.

The incident underscores the importance of emergency preparedness and rapid response. Power had to be cut off in the affected area, and while PNM conducts its investigation, the property management team ensured the relocation of all 28 residents. Many residents were picked up by family members and will stay with family until they can return, while others were accommodated in local hotels.

Remarkably, no injuries were reported. AFR reports that “there is no further information available at this time.”

**AFR Responds to Structure Fire at Appliance Liquidation on Central**

On September 30, 2023, at around 7:45 AM, Albuquerque Fire Rescue (AFR) received an emergency call regarding a potential structure fire in the vicinity of San Pedro and Central.

AFR was ultimately dispatched to Appliance Liquidation, located at 5951 Central NE. Upon arrival, Rescue 5 (R5) noted a medium-sized commercial building with an active fire on the front side. They successfully brought the fire under control within 12 minutes. The damage was mainly confined to the front section of the structure, and thankfully, no injuries were reported among civilians or firefighters.

AFR Fire Investigators are currently on-site to determine the fire’s cause and origin, which remains undetermined as of now. According to AFR, “no additional information available at this time.”

**AFR’s Speedy Response Prevents Disaster in Albuquerque House Fire**

At approximately 9:19 AM on September 30, 2023, Albuquerque Fire Rescue (AFR) received a call reporting a possible fire in the ceiling of a single-story, single-family dwelling located at 1606 Del Monte Trail SW.

Upon arrival, Engine 14 (E14) noted the presence of smoke and a working fire emanating from the eaves of the house. Their quick action led to the fire being brought under control within just 15 minutes, limiting the damage primarily to the kitchen area.

Thankfully, no injuries were reported among either civilians or firefighters. The investigation indicates an electrical origin for the fire, and it was fortunate that the occupants were present to call for help.

In response to this incident, the Red Cross has been contacted to provide assistance to the temporarily displaced family.

**Albuquerque Fire Rescue Quickly Handles Four-Plex Structure Fire**

On September 30, 2023, around 1:20 PM, Albuquerque Fire Rescue (AFR) received a distress call reporting a possible structure fire at a four-plex located at 620 Desert Dr SW.

Ladder 7 (L7) arrived on the scene to find a single-story multifamily dwelling with a working fire originating from the front door. AFR’s rapid response resulted in the fire being swiftly controlled within just 10 minutes of their arrival, containing the majority of the damage to the utility room.

Fortunately, there were no reported injuries among either firefighters or civilians. Preliminary information suggests the fire may have started in or around the gas dryer, but an official cause has yet to be determined.

As of now, AFR reports that no additional information is available at this time

These four events emphasize the role AFR plays in maintaining our community’s safety, highlighting the wide spectrum of incidents they address daily, including significant structural and residential fires, minor dumpster and outdoor fires, medical emergencies, swift water rescues, hazmat calls, gas leaks, car accidents, downed power lines, and more.


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