UPDATE: APD Charges Street Racer Suspect with DWI Resulting in Great Bodily Harm


July 16, 2023, 8:22 pm , ,

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Posted On: 07/16/2023 @2:05PM

UPDATE: 07/16/2023 @5:20PM original story had Gilbert Gallegos telling media that Corral-Alvarez was being charged with vehicular homicide even tho no one died. It has been corrected to DWI with great bodily harm


Eighteen-year-old Abraham Corral Alvarez has been charged with three counts of DWI Resulting in Great Bodily harm after his involvement in an alleged street racing crash that caused critical injuries to pedestrians gathered at a food truck on Central Avenue. This unfortunate event sheds light on the dangers of reckless driving and serves as a somber reminder of the consequences of such actions.

The Incident:

On Saturday, July 15th around 10:30PM, witnesses reported the presence of three vehicles engaged in street racing on West Central. One of these vehicles collided with the divider along the ART bus lane, veering off the road and striking pedestrians near a parked food truck, which was on the north side of Central just west of 47th Street. Four individuals were injured as a result, three of whom were rushed to a nearby hospital. Currently, two victims remain in critical condition, while the third victim is considered stable.

Arrest and Investigation:

BCSO deputies detained Abraham Corral Alvarez, 18, the driver of the black Chrysler responsible for striking the pedestrians. Unfortunately, the drivers of the other two vehicles involved in the street racing fled the scene, evading immediate apprehension. The Albuquerque Police Department (APD) initiated a thorough investigation, which revealed that Corral Alvarez was driving under the influence of “intoxicating liquor and/or drugs.” Surveillance footage from APD’s Real Time Crime Center cameras at Central Avenue and Rio Grande Boulevard captured the vehicles traveling at dangerous speeds, solidifying the gravity of the situation.

Vehicular Homicide Charges**:

Corral Alvarez now faces three counts of vehicular homicide due to the serious and life-threatening injuries sustained by three victims. This tragic incident highlights the irrevocable consequences of reckless driving and the importance of holding individuals accountable for their actions behind the wheel. (see story amendment below)

The Search for Other Suspects:

As law enforcement continues its efforts to bring all those involved in this street racing incident to justice, officers are actively seeking information from the public. If you have any details regarding the identities of the drivers who fled the scene or any other pertinent information, you are urged to contact the Albuquerque Police Department at 505-242-COPS.

*Editor note – Around midnight, AFR reported to us that two vehicles were involved in street racing, but after further investigation, APD learned that three vehicles were involved in this incident. At this time, APD has not disclosed any other information about the other two vehicles that were involved.*


At 5pm, we received an email from Gilbert Gallegos, APD’s Civilian PIO, stating that the previous email they sent out, which stated that Corral Alvarez was being charged with vehicular homicide charges, was inaccurate. The updated email from Gallegos said:


The correct charges for Corral Alvarez should be DWI resulting in great bodily harm.


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