Driver in Early Morning Crash Reportedly Has a History of Past DWI Arrests


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Posted On: 11/01/2023 @8:30PM

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As we reported previously, in the early hours of the morning on Wednesday, November 1, 2023, a devastating two-vehicle crash unfolded on southbound I-25 near the Osuna Exit. The incident involved a 2007 Lexus SUV speeding and colliding with a 2001 black Cadillac in the second lane of the interstate. The Lexus struck the black 2001 Cadillac from behind as it traveled in the second lane of I-25. The Cadillac experienced significant damage to its rear side. According to the criminal complaint, “the debris field left behind from the collision was massive, spanning what appeared to be well over 100 feet and all traffic lanes, including the roadway’s left shoulder.”

Sadly, one passenger in the Cadillac sustained severe injuries and currently remains in critical condition at a local hospital. The driver of the Lexus, identified as 42-year-old Alex Tafoya, tried to escape the scene but was swiftly apprehended by the New Mexico State Police and brought back to the crash site. Inside of the Lexus, two Corona beer bottles could be seen on the passenger floorboard both Corona bottles contained some liquid and they were cold to the touch. According to the criminal complaint, behind the driver’s seat was an empty 12-pack box of Corona.

To the officers on scene, Tafoya appeared to be very impaired. An APD Officer documented in the criminal complaint that “his (Tafoya’s) eyes were red, bloodshot, and watery, and there was a strong odor of alcohol emanating from his person. His face and eyes were also noticeably droopy, and his speech was slurred.” Tafoya is currently facing multiple charges, including leaving the scene of an accident resulting in significant harm, vehicular homicide with great bodily harm, and open container violations.

As we delved into the court records on NM Courts, we discovered that Alex Tafoya has a history of multiple arrests dating back to 04/26/2000. In that particular case, he was arrested for DWI when he was only 19 years old. Tafoya also has a history of other DWI arrests, including incidents on 09/13/2007, 01/30/2021, and today, 11/01/2023, when he attempted to flee from the scene of the crash.

On 09/07/2001, Tafoya faced charges for possession of cocaine, reckless driving, resisting/evading an officer, speeding, and driving without a license. On 03/10/2004, Tafoya was arrested for possession with intent to distribute. On 09/06/2001, Tafoya had an arrest for battery against a household member and failure to appear in court. Additionally, on 09/22/2014, he was arrested for battery against a household member, and on 08/09/2020, Tafoya faced charges for aggravated battery, classified as a misdemeanor and involving a household member.

It appears from NM Court records that Tafoya pleaded guilty to the DWI from 04/26/2000, failure to appear which was connected to the battery charge in 2001, and possession in 2004. However, the DWIs in 2007 and 2021 were dismissed by the Prosecutor, and the remaining charges were either deferred or dismissed.


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