Protester Arrested for Robbery and Battery Charges after Stealing iPad from Counter Protester

Albuquerque –

The Albuquerque Police Department arrested and charged 39-year-old, Athenx Lindlan of Albuquerque this week. Lindlan was arrested for the second time this week related to violating New Mexico laws.

According to a criminal complaint, on March 25th Lindlan was in front of the Jewish Community Center protesting the Israeli Consul General of the Southwest Livia Link-Raviv’s appearance at the Center. The complaint says there was a group standing on the sidewalk protesting. Police made several public address announcements to the group not to block traffic.

The complaint goes on to say, a female across the street held an iPad up with an Israeli flag to counter protest the assembled group. Lindlan noticed her and crossed the street and then violently ripped the iPad out of the female victim’s hands. Lindlan and the victim then struggled over the iPad. This caused Lindlan to batter the victim. APD officers did witness the confrontation between the pair. Lindlan then ran away and dropped the iPad.

APD officers interviewed Lindlan at the March 25th incident but it is not clear why Lindlan was not charged with the crimes at the time. APD officers did witness the crime and the victim wanted to press charges on the spot. On April 30th, 2024, APD did issue a warrant for Lindlan’s arrest. Our records found that Lindlan was known as Jonathan Wartes until a name change in 2021.

Lindlan was again arrested this week at UNM for the SUB take over by pro-Palestine protesters on Monday April 29th, 2024.


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6 thoughts on “Protester Arrested for Robbery and Battery Charges after Stealing iPad from Counter Protester”
  1. This dude is light in the loafers, most assuredly!!!! I called him out when he was originally “arrested” at UNM earlier this week. His pronoun should be AEIOU.

    Nothing will happen and this will go away like all the rest of the charges supposedly filed against these America and Jew hating domestic terrorists. UNM announces yesterday that over 200 faculty and staff are demanding that all charges be dropped against him and the rest of the very same I described. What would you expect from a Marxist run institute of “higher learning”?

    1. Yup, nothing will happen. All of the government here are a bunch of leftists who are afraif of losing votes to their rainbow brigade alphabet soup mafia.

  2. Adolf Hitler want a be’s. Someone once said, what we have learned from history is that we don’t learn from history. Hate has no place in society. Grow up and at least try and be decent human beings

  3. I really, really hope someone “takes care of” this little Leftist faggot and all his accomplices, sooner than later. Civilized people must exterminate vermin to preserve civilization.

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