State First Responders Train for Honor Guard Funerals


August 17, 2023, 11:50 pm


POSTED 08/17/2023 @ 6:00PM

In a remarkable display of unity and reverence, the National Honor Guard Academy (NHGA) has found a welcoming home within the halls of the Bernalillo County Fire Rescue this week. This extraordinary event, spanning the course of a week, is not just an opportunity for the NHGA training staff to impart their wisdom, but a platform for honor guard students hailing from various public safety departments across the state to refine their skills and pay homage to their noble duty of honoring the fallen.

The NHGA, renowned for its commitment to excellence in ceremonial tributes, has joined forces with the Bernalillo County Fire Rescue to foster a week-long symposium of shared insights and rigorous training. This partnership underscores the essence of camaraderie among public safety professionals, emphasizing their joint dedication to honoring fallen comrades with the utmost respect and precision.

This full week course is expressly designed to teach fire service and public safety organizations how to develop and enhance their organization’s honor and color guard unit skills. Because of the varied organizational policies and procedures, this venue is intended to offer a one-of-a-kind national forum and unique training environment that will provide basic guidance for the standardization of training methods, instruction in proper drilling movement, proper techniques, leadership enhancement, and team confidence building.

The focus of the week-long training deals with managing the traditions, protocols and planning to be utilized should an agency suffer an unfortunate line of duty death of one of its personnel.


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