Two Drug Dealing Cretins Busted by APD/DEA in Undercover Operation


July 12, 2023, 5:57 pm

BY: ABQ RAW staff

POSTED: 07/12/2023 @ 12:14PM

Vincente Borrego, left, and Timoth Kuzak, right, were charged for selling drugs.

NE Albuquerque

Yesterday, we reported about a DEA/APD drug bust at Circle K Gas Station on Cutler and San Mateo NE. Officers could be seen taking away from one location at least two suspects in cuffs. We approached a very serious looking, heavily armed man identified by a large tactical vest as “DEA” and asked him what was going on. The man only responded with “tact plan”.

Those two suspects were identified as 25-year-old Vincente Borrego and 41-year-old Timothy Kuzak both of Albuquerque. were arrested for drug trafficking.

According to the criminal complaint, APD and DEA developed an undercover buy operation across the city. They had an undercover agent walk up to people openly smoking drugs and asked for “blues” (street slang for fentanyl pills). The males said they would sell the undercover officer $20 worth of $3 pills. Agents swiftly moved in and detained four individuals and arrested Borrego and Kuzak.

While we were on scene we did not notice any health related issues with Borrego as he was being detained and arrested. His booking mug indicates he may have had a touch of the very contagious “incarceritis” when being booked into the Metropolitan Detention Center.

Kuzak and Borrego have a court date pending for these drug charges.


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