Vehicle Fire at Bentley & Associates Sends Large Plumes of Smoke into the Sky


May 13, 2024, 3:05 pm , , , ,

Albuquerque –

At around 12:15 PM, Albuquerque Fire Rescue dispatched responders to a vehicle fire at Bentley & Associates, LLC, situated at 4900 Pan American Fwy NE. Bentley & Associates hosts many auctions, including those for police departments, state government agencies, federal agencies, corporations, bankruptcy trustees, lawyers, estate executors, and individuals. Smoke from this blaze was visible at times from as far away as the I-25 and Tramway Blvd/Roy Ave exit.

At approximately 1:15 PM, we arrived at the site of the fire, only to be swiftly denied entry by Bentley & Associates employees. The employees informed us that access to the property was prohibited. From what we could gather, Engine 15 and Engine 19 were on scene fighting this blaze.

A Facebook post stated that the vehicle fire had spread to a trailer and possibly to a nearby building. We have reached out to AFR’s PIO to inquire further about this fire. AFR’s PIO is gathering more information on this fire, and he will update us soon.

We will update you when we learn more.


AFR’s PIO stated that the blaze resulted from an RV catching fire. AFR’s PIO said:

The RV was densely packed with old electronics and cardboard. Engine 19 saw the plume of smoke and asked to be added to the event. The plume of smoke also generated multiple inquires from concerned residents. Engine 15 had to establish a water supply and have the yard utilize equipment to open up the RV so crews could extinguish the fire utilizing hand-lines and master streams.

AFR reported that there were no reported injuries. Presently, the cause of the fire is unknown.


We received an email correction from AFR stating that it was a commercial vehicle fire, with the semi-trailer loaded with electronics and cardboard. The fire then spread to a nearby RV.

AFR Fighting RV Fire at Bentley & Associates


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