Man Shoots Himself in Groin While Fending Off Robbery Subjects, Victim Drives Himself to Hospital and Causes Crash


May 20, 2024, 5:29 pm

Albuquerque –

Around, 4:00PM, the Albuquerque Police Department was called about a man suffering a gunshot wound to his groin. The man drove himself to Downtown Presbyterian Hospital to treat his wound.

He told police that he was at 2401 12th St NW, which is the Four Winds Convenience Store, when a subject approached him to rob him. There was a struggle for his firearm and the gun went off. The single shot struck him in the groin.

During his medical distress, he drove his vehicle up Lomas Boulevard and caused a crash at the intersection of 4th and Lomas.

The gunshot victim arrived at the hospital in a two door sedan with obvious signs of crash damage. He was transferred to UNMH due to the trauma to his nether regions.

APD is investigating this and trying to identify suspects in the attempted robbery.


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