International War Zone District /Albuquerque – Today at around 7:30 PM, numerous shots rang out at Indiana and Cochiti. Witnesses reported hearing as many as eight shots, but ShotSpotter recorded as many as twelve shots being fired. At least two people have been shot, one person was reportedly shot in the chest and another individual was shot in the leg. One of the shooting victims has died from their wounds.


The Albuquerque Police Department has arrived on the scene and is beginning to block off streets in the area. APD is also actively searching for the offenders.

Albuquerque Fire Rescue is rendering aid to the surviving victim, and will transport them to a local area hospital.

As officers reached the scene, they encountered extreme chaos due to the large crowd that had been fired upon, causing widespread panic. One person experienced a panic attack and required medical attention.

This is an active situation. When we learn more, we will update this story.


Other Homicides in this Area:

On March 4, 2024, multiple people were shot, and one person was killed at the 110 block of Indiana St SE, which is just north of this incident. On May 18, 2024, another homicide occurred at 6818 Central Ave, slightly northwest of this shooting.


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3 thoughts on “Multiple People Shot in War Zone, One Dead”
  1. Maverick has station shooting
    March 2022. Why didn’t they take the woman shot to hospital? Don’t call 911 35 minutes after shooting?
    Boyfriend all over FB. Instagram n Snapchat asking to buy Blues??? I don’t understand? What are not being charged as minors??? This is wrong ! Now the mom of the woman shot , they went to Maverick gas station on Comanche to get gas! Up til now she said snacks to Top Golf!! This needs questions answered!!!

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