Cinnamon Tree Shooting Shifts to Homicide Investigation

As we broke the news about thirty minutes ago, at around 9:05 PM, gunfire erupted at the Cinnamon Tree Apartments, located near Central and Alcazar.

When APD arrived on scene, they purportedly found a female victim with a gunshot wound to the arm and a male victim with a reported gunshot wound to the upper back.

Two ambulances transported both gunshot victims to a local area hospital. At the time he was transported, the male victim reportedly was in critical condition.

We have learned that the male victim died from his wounds at the hospital. APD homicide detectives will now be conducting an investigation.

Drivers will still see eastbound Central at Louisiana closed. Additionally, APD is blocking westbound Central at Mesilla and Alcazar St SE northbound at Zuni while investigating this shooting.

APD is still searching for the offender. This is a very active scene. For your safety, please avoid the area.


As of this update at 2:50 AM, APD remains at the Cinnamon Tree Apartments, actively working to apprehend the murder suspect and process the homicide crime scene.

Around 1:25 AM, it appears that APD’s SWAT team was activated to attempt to apprehend the suspect. Based on information provided by an eyewitness, the alleged suspect is believed to be barricaded in an apartment.

This situation remains ongoing. Residents living at or immediately near the Cinnamon Tree Apartments are encouraged to exercise caution and follow police instructions until the incident concludes.


At 5:24 PM, APD announced that:

SWAT officers did not locate anyone inside the apartment. The scene is secure and homicide detectives are continuing their investigation

If we learn more, we will update you.


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