UPDATE: AFR Extinguishes Blaze at 5800 Harper Pl, Ensuring the Safety of All Residents and Pets

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Posted On: 11/04/2023 @ 7:50 PM

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Aerial Photo Provided By – AFR PIO Lt. Fejer

At approximately 12:00 PM on November 4, 2023, the Albuquerque Fire Rescue received an emergency call to respond to the Montecito Apartments, which are located at 5800 Harper Pl NE. The call indicated that there was a fire in one of the apartments, and occupants were trapped. The dispatch alert over the scanner indicated that the fire was at 6302 Harper Pl NE, which is the Brentwood Gardens Apartments. However, the Brentwood Gardens Apartments is east of the Montecito Apartments.

Upon reaching the scene, Engine 15 provided a detailed assessment. They found a sizable three-story apartment building with a fire blazing on the second floor. Engine 15 took action by deploying a line to the apartment where the fire was and began firefighting operations and searching for anyone in need of help. Fortunately, they managed to douse the flames in that particular apartment and conducted a thorough search, but no one was found in any of the affected apartments. Before the AFR arrived, quick-thinking neighbors had already saved a dog from the danger.

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Photos Provided By – AFR PIO Lt. Fejer

The fire had spread, reaching not only the third floor but also the attic space. It took roughly 40 minutes of concerted effort to finally gain control over the fire. The majority of the damage was limited to just two apartments, while eight neighboring units experienced some harm from water and smoke. Residents who had to leave their apartments due to the fire will be relocated to available units within the same complex. Thankfully, there were no reported injuries among the residents or the firefighters.

In response to this incident, AFR has dispatched their fire investigators to determine the cause of the fire. As of now, they have not been able to pinpoint the exact cause, and there is no additional information available at this time. A total of 17 AFR units were mobilized to the scene to provide assistance.

Video Credit From @AFDfirewire


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